The Checklist Investor Workbook

The Workbook can be used as a stand alone product or with our software. It allows folks who don't use the software to implement some of the critical concepts of Checklist Investor. For the users of our software, it provides a place to store all your investment related information (12 storage pockets are included), especially the things that are not available online. It is also a great place to store printouts from our software.

Key Features of this 80 page Workbook

1. The location of all your investment related information. Including your brokerage statements, magazine articles, a summary of your investment transactions, your completed checklists, company conference call notes, newspaper clippings, etc.

2. Allows you to perform a Fundamental and Systematic analysis of each investment idea.

3. Keep a record of your investment thoughts and predictions. It's fun to go back and look at your previous forecasts, and see which ones have come true!

4. Use the six included Checklists, or create your own. Please click to view screen shots of these checklists.

5. Store printouts from the Checklist Investor software. Print your checklists, transactions, reports and insert them into the Workbook.

6. Expandable and Customizable. Since a 3-Ring binder is used, you can add more sections or storage pockets, by simply opening the rings, inserting the section, and closing the rings.

7. If you run out of a Checklist Transaction form (or any other form), simply remove the Master Copy and go make more copies of it!

What is included in the Workbook:

  • 80 pages of checklists, summary forms, and instructions
  • High quality 3-ring view binder (175 page capacity), including 2 storage pockets
  • 8 Section separators with laminated tabs
  • 5 storage partitions with 2 pockets each (can hold 8X11 paper without folding)
  • How to Use guide
  • Transaction Summary Forms
  • Multiple copies (4 + Master) of the following Checklist Transaction Forms (Click for screen shot):
  • Conference Call / General Comments Forms (5 + Master)
  • Blank Checklist Forms so you may create your own Checklists (4 + Master)
  • Master Copies section containing 1 copy of every form

Photos of the Workbook:

175 Page 3-Ring View Binder

Some of the included Checklists:

Intelligent Investor Checklist is included
Up on Wall Street Checklist is included
Value Focus Checklist is included

Lots of Folders are included:

5 Folders with 2 pockets each

A completed checklist & a brokerage statement in the folder:

Investment Data & Completed Checklist

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