Summary of Transactions, Files, Web Pages, and Notes

Checklist Investor allows you to Organize all of your investment related data, including research, predictions, transactions, charts, images and web pages. The Summary Data screen contains a concise description of this data.

By using the Zoom/Sort Feature you can view your data in a variety of ways. You can:
- View all your data involving one particular stock
- View all your data involving one transaction type (Watch List for example)
- View all your data containing a particular completed Checklist
- Sort your data by Date, Security, Transaction, Price, and Checklist

At any time, you can view the full details by simply double clicking on the desired line.

Screen shot of the Summary Screen (Sorted by Date)

Data Sorted by Date

Screen shot of Zooming on a specific Security:

Zoom on Stock Name

Screen shot of Zooming on a specific Transaction:

Zoom on Transaction

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