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User Survey Results

  • 90% of users believe that Checklist Investor is easy to use
  • 75% of users believe that Checklist Investor helped them become better investors
  • Favorite features in order: Checklists, Organize investing data & research
  • 52% created their own checklist

Customer Testimonials

“Very useful tool for individual investors. The software is easy to install and use. ” - 5 star rating from over 20 sites.

“The software is easy to install and begin using......the checklists are full of good ideas for the long term investor...” - Barron's Weekly, Review on May 8, 2006

“If you are interested in the books The Intelligent Investor or One Up on Wall Street, use Checklist Investor to include the key points of those books in your investing choices.” - Pat S.

“I've owned CheckList Investor now for more than a month with zero regrets. It's a good piece of organizational software, the price is right, and based on the track record of the stock ideas alone, adding this software to your desk top is risk free.” - Glenn S, FX Meridian Partners, Inc.

“Now you can evaluate your investment ideas systematically. The program allows users to organize, sort, and summarize data for a single stock, transaction type, or completed Checklist. You can create your own checklists.” - AAII Computerized Investing Magazine

“I prefer to follow the CANSLIM method based on the book How to Make Money in Stocks. Checklist Investor does not impose an investment philosophy on me, so I can easily follow the CANSLIM strategy.” - Joe J.

“A great tool for NAIC and AAII members to organize investment ideas and keep track of interesting web articles.” - Sam K.

“Checklist Investor is easy for me to use (I'm no computer expert).” - Karen Z.

“Checklist Investor takes the emotion out of investing decisions..I can sleep much better at night knowing that I made the best decision based on currently available facts.” - Bill B.

“This nifty program forces you to organize your thoughts and follow a predetermined course of action before executing your next trade. The program is well written and has innovative items to help make your investing life simpler.” - Investment Software Reviewer from Momentum December 2003.

“The 14 included Checklists provide a good overview of different investing points. I read them all, added a few points of my own, and created a new Checklist.” - Peter M.

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