Electronic Software Product Letter of Destruction

Checklist Investor



Title: Checklist Investor


User Name:


Date Purchased:


Reason for Return:





I, the End User, hereby declare under penalty of perjury by law, that as of the date of this letter of destruction, I have taken the neccessary measures to delete and destroy the Electronic software given to me for the user under the terms of the End User Licnese Agreement. In order to delete and destroy the Electronic Software I have taken the following steps:


1. Relinquished all rights to use and upgrade the software.

2. Deleted the license key

3. Uninstalled Checklist Investor.

4. Deleted (destroyed) any and all electronic copes, including but not limited to:

                     Files on hard drive



                     any other backup media


5. Attach original transaction receipt and return this form (along with Checklist Investor CD, if applicable) to:


Sollee Solutions LLC

2708 Garden Springs

Richardson, TX 75082




End User Signature: ________________________________ Date: ____________________