Create Charts to See Your Data in Relation to Stock Price

Now you can easily see how well your "Stock Ideas" or "Watch List" stocks have done. Just use the included Charting tool! You can select any time period and any transactions to chart. The stock prices are automatically downloaded for you!

Chart Screen Shot

The Internet is a Great Source of Information

With one click of a button, you can save news articles (the entire article, not just the link to the article) about your investments! In addition, Checklist Investor includes links to 15 great investing sites that help you research your investments.

News Reader Screen Shot

Add an Unlimited Number of YOUR favorite investing sites!

All your favorite investment related sites should be kept in one place, so you can easily access them. Now, with Checklist Investor, you have a place to keep all these sites, including a description of the site! You have total control over ALL the links, the text on the buttons, and site descriptions. You can use the sites included, modify the sites included or even delete them!

Internet Research Screen Shot

Organize your Investment Related Internet Links! $49.95 (US)

Get Stock Quotes from Checklist Investor

You can get quotes from all the various Checklist Investor screens.

Stock Quotes Window:

With one press of a button (F9), Checklist Investor opens the Quotes window so that you can get your stock quotes. Your last 10 quotes are shown. Each time this window is opened, your quotes are retreived.

Stock Quotes Screen Shot

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