Become a Better Investor! Learn from Wall Street Legends

  • Includes 14 Checklists containing the strategies of Wall Street legends.
  • Create your own Checklists.
  • Complete your favorite Checklists before buying or selling a stock.
  • Organize all your investment ideas, company research, web pages, transactions.
  • Get Quotes, read News, and use the internet research tool.
  • Create Charts so you can visualize your data in relation to stock price.
  • Trade stocks with TD Ameritrade and save detailed records of those trades.

A Must Own Tool for Every Individual Investor!

Software for the Intelligent Investor

Checklist Investor is a powerful and easy to use tool for the Intelligent Investor. Inspired by the methods and strategies of the all time investing greats, this patent pending software helps you implement the Common Traits of Successful Investors.

We are so confident that Checklist Investor will make you a better investor, we offer a Money Back Guarantee.

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“Very useful tool for individual investors. Highly Recommended! ” - 5 star rating from over 20 sites!.

Thousands of investors are already using Checklist Investor. Join them today!

Follow the strategies of Buffett, Graham, Lynch, and other experts.

A few examples of the "Words of Wisdom" that can be included in a Checklist:

"High valuations entail high risk. Much of the valuation of high valuation stocks is based on assumed future performance. If the predictions of the future do not materialize significant declines in price will occur."-- Intelligent Investor Checklist (Warren Buffett/Benjamin Graham Strategy)

"Its harder to stick with a winning stock after the price goes up than it is to believe in it when the price goes down. You should be able to review the reasons you own a stock, and if they are still valid, then stick with it."-- Up On Wall Street Checklist (Peter Lynch Strategy)

When you should use our award winning software:

1. BEFORE you make a transaction (Buy or Sell) in the stock market.

  • Create a Buy or Sell entry in Checklist Investor and complete your Checklists to ensure you are focused on what is important.
  • Take the emotion out of your decision by taking a Fundamental and Systematic Approach to ALL your investing decisions.
  • You can now make the best decision based on currently available information.

2. You are researching a company as a potential investment.

  • The SEC Regulation FD (Fair Disclosure) requires material information to be released publicly, so you now get the same information as the securities analysts.
  • Use the Internet Research tool to easily access company SEC filings, analyst reports, and other market data.
  • Store company press releases in Checklist Investor.
  • Listen to company conference calls and take notes.
  • Run through your Checklists and describe why you are interested.

3. You are looking for examples of how to research a company as an investment idea.

  • Use the Checklist Investor Stock Report feature to view detailed reports on over 30 companies.
  • Use your Checklists to evaluate your ideas.

4. You have just read a great book on investing and want to always remember the key points.

  • Create your own Checklist made up of the key points.
  • Share your new Checklist with your friends by using the Export Checklist function.

5. Evaluate and enhance your current strategy.

  • With Checklist Investor, you know WHY a transaction was made, not just that it was made. You will never have to ask yourself "What was I thinking?" again!
  • See if you can predict the short term movements of the stock market or individual stocks.
  • Create charts that show the stock price in relation to your investing transactions.

6. To place the trade using the TD Ameritrade interface.

  • Place stock equity trades, and save a detailed record of each trade (order type, limit price, etc.)
  • Using the 1-click TD Ameritrade balance check, save a snapshot copy of your positions and balances at that moment in time.
  • Easily graph your account balance over time.

A winning strategy for individual investors:

Individuals can and do beat the pros! The use of our software enhances your ability to think for yourself so you can be your own stock analyst. Because of SEC Regulation FD (Fair Disclosure), companies must release material information publicly, so now the individual investor gets the same information as the analysts. You can easily access this information with the Internet Research tool.

With Checklist Investor you can customize your own strategy or use the ones that are included with the software. You can even combine your strategy with those of well known experts, such as Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch. Click to view an excellent article Common Traits of Successful Investors that every investor should read.

Checklist Investor is a tool that provides:

  • Focus on what is really important by using Checklists.
  • A Fundamental and Systematic Approach to the decision making process
  • A Central Location for all your investment related data and analysis
  • A place to evaluate the output of your screening tools
  • An education for new investors in the ways of the investing experts
  • A mechanism for experienced investors to refine and enhance their current strategy
  • The ability to place stock trades, and record a detailed record of each trade
  • The ability to save a snapshot of your TD Ameritrade account balance and positions

Who should use Checklist Investor software?

Anyone who is interested in the market, individual securities, or mutual funds. Current users include:

  • Experienced individual investors
  • AAII members, Investment Club members
  • New investors (View Learn How to Invest Page)
  • Investors who get advice from a Broker/Financial Advisor
  • Active traders (place trades directly from Checklist Investor (via TD Ameritrade))

For the new investor, Checklist Investor will help get you started on the right path by allowing you to follow the investment philosophy of the all time greats. For the already experienced investor, Checklist Investor allows you to enhance your own investment philosophy, so you can continue to improve on it.

Note - For storing non-computer files, we now have copies of the Checklist Investor Workbook in stock!

What are the Top 10 Reasons to use Checklist Investor?

  1. Make more money by improving your returns.
  2. Organize all your financial analysis, predictions, and information in one place.
  3. Improve your financial knowledge and learn from the all time greats.
  4. Help you ignore the nonsensical financial "advice" which we are bombarded with on a daily basis.
  5. You should spend at least 1 hour a week on your investments, and you need a tool to record your thoughts and progress each week.
  6. Our software will pay for itself by preventing one bad trade.
  7. Amateurs can and do beat the pros. Become your own securities analyst.
  8. Access to the historical Stock of the Month reports.
  9. Use the TD Ameritrade interface to place trades and record snapshot account balances.
  10. Never have to ask yourself "What was I thinking?" again.

Screen Shot: Access to all of your data from the Summary Screen:

Organize your investment data today! Only: $49.95 SALE $19.95

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