Stock Idea Report

Your purchase of Checklist Investor includes access to historical Stock of the Month Reports (over 30 reports!). These reports are a great learning tool for the investor. They give examples of how you, as an investor, should analyize investment opportunities.

What you get:

We are continually researching individual stocks. When we come accross an interesting investment opportunity, a report on that stock will be written. This Stock Idea report is an in-depth, focused look at this chosen stock. No hype, just the facts on the investment opportunity, and why it has been chosen. We spend a great deal of time doing research, so you don't have to! We do not get paid to promote any stock, and disclose existing ownership in each report.

Here is how we go about our in-depth research:

  • Reading the most recent 10Q (quarterly) and 10K (annual) reports.
  • Listening to conference calls the company has with the covering analysts.
  • Analyzing the balance sheet and income statement.
  • Analyzing growth trends.
  • Analyzing the industry the company is in.
  • Researching the competitors to the company.
  • Review the recommendations from analysts that cover the company.
  • Use Checklist Investor to complete various Checklists.

Below is a screen shot of the Stock Idea:

Stock Idea Screen Shot

Stock Report Disclaimer

The Stock Idea report is provided for information purposes only. We are not personal investment advisors, and do not make recommendations for buying or selling any securities. It is up to the investor to make their own investment decisions. There are no guarantees of returns associated with the Stock Idea report. There is no guarantee that future results will match prior performance .

Purchase Checklist Investor Software: $49.95 (US)

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