Fundamental and Systematic Analysis

The one common thread throughout successful investment strategies (Buffett, Graham, Lynch, CANSLIM, etc.) is consistency in analysis and emotional separation between the investor and the investment. Our software provides you with an easy to use tool to implement these fundamental concepts.

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Before making an investment transaction (buy or sell), a fundamental analysis of the investment is required. This fundamental analysis should include a variety of different key criteria, as defined by your Checklists. For example, "What is the amount of long term debt of the company?"

Our software allows you to perform an analysis on your investment ideas in a consistent, systematic way. All ideas are evaluated using identical criteria contained in your Checklists. By doing this, you are taking the emotion out of your investment decision. In addition, now that you have a record of your investment thoughts, you will never have to ask yourself "What was I thinking?" again.

Investing without Checklist Investor software

Before Checklist Investor, the investing analysis and decision was often impacted by factors that should not affect the decision. The same investment idea, given to the same person, would result in different investment decisions as follows:

Without our software

Investing using Checklist Investor software

Now, with Checklist Investor, a fundamental analysis is done, and the same investment idea will result in the same investment decision, no matter what the extraneous factors are (i.e. busy work schedule, bad/good mood, recent big gains or losses in the market, etc.):

Investing using our software

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