Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long has Checklist Investor been available?

For over 7 years.

How can Checklist Investor improve my investing results?

The best path to investment success is following the methods and strategies that have withstood the test of time. Checklist Investor allows you to follow these strategies in a consistent and measurable way. In a nutshell, Checklist Investor helps you focus on what is important in an investment.

I have read 'The Intelligent Investor', 'One Up on Wall Street' and other investment books. How will Checklist Investor help me?

Each of these books contains dozens of great points. It is hard to remember them all! Try for yourself to list the top 26 key points of 'The Intelligent Investor'. And then try to repeat this list before every investment decision. Many folks have read these books, but in reality do not 'Practice what the books preach'. Checklist Investor is a tool that allows you to do just that.

What happens when my Stock Idea Subscription expires?

Only access to the Stock Idea is affected. All features of Checklist Investor continue to work as before, except that you will no longer be able to access the Stock Idea. You can renew your subscription at any time.

What about investors outside the United States?

The fundamentals of investing are universal, so Checklist Investor will help investors outside the U.S. In fact, we currently have customers in Canada, Ireland, Greece, Italy, Australia, just to name a few. In addition, since you can create your own Checklists, you can write the checklist in your own language.

Do you have to have an internet connection active to use Checklist Investor?

No. All of your checklists and data are stored on your computer, not on some web server. You can add transactions, create new checklists, and review all your data without an internet connection active. However, to use several features such as the Stock Idea of the Month, Save Web page, and Internet Research Tool, an internet connection is needed.

Which Checklist should I use?

You may use up to 5 checklists per entry. For new investors, at a minimum, use the Intelligent Investor Checklist and the Up on Wall Street Checklist. These are the strategies used by Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham, and Peter Lynch. They have withstood the test of time. Using these checklists will allow you focus on what is important in an investment.

Of course, for the more experienced investor, you may create your own Checklist based on your current strategy.

What are the different transaction types, and when should I use them?

Buy, Sell, Hold, Thinking, Short, and Cover Short are the Transaction types included with Checklist Investor. You can also customize your transaction types by adding an unlimited number of new ones.

Buy: Use to confirm the logic of your purchase before you make the actual purchase of the security.

Sell: Use to confirm the logic of your sale before the security has been sold.

Hold: Use to describe your current views on a security you already own (not low enough to buy, not high enough to sell).

Thinking: When you have an investment idea that may become a purchase, start with a Thinking transaction. This indicates that you are in the process of evaluating the security, or it’s a security you wish to keep on your future possibilities list. For example, when your broker calls with an investment idea, use the “Thinking” transaction to note this idea.

Short: Use to confirm the logic of your short before actually shorting the stock. This indicates that you believe the price of the security will go down from your purchase price. Be very careful, since your liability is unlimited (ie., the stock could significantly increase in value).

Cover Short: Use of confirm the logic of returning the shares you shorted. This indicates that you believe the price of the security will remain stable or rise.

After a web page is saved, some of the Ads and Charts are missing. Why is this?

When Checklist Investor saves a web page, all the dynamic content must be stripped out. The reason is that this dynamic content may no longer be available when you go back and look at your saved web page. Checklist Investor only saves the HTML content and the static images that exist on the web page being saved.

You can save charts and other images using the File Reference function. Right click on the image, and copy it to your clipboard. Then select 'Copy From Clipboard' on the File Reference screen. This will save a copy of the image on your computer.

Why don’t all the available checklists show up in previously made transactions?

Only the checklists available at the time the transaction was entered can be used for that transaction. For example, if there are only 2 selected checklists when a transaction is entered, whenever you go back and edit that transaction, you may only use those two checklists.

Of course on new transactions, all the available checklists that you select can be used.

Do you know of any other interesting software sites?

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