Store all Your Investment Information in one Place

  • Web Pages with news about your stocks
  • Charts and images from Web sites (Yahoo Finance,, etc)
  • Files of ANY type you have saved on your PC (Excel, Word, Text, etc)
  • Your notes from investor conference calls
  • Your thoughts about the future prospects of a company/security
  • Your Transactions (Buy, Sell, Hold, Thinking, Short, Cover Short, and your customized ones)
  • Your TD Ameritrade account balance and position snapshots
  • Trade execution history, including detailed order information (order type, limit price, etc.)

Checklist Investor is the central point for you to access all your investment related data. All your files, web pages, and thoughts are organized by Security. This allows you to easily see all information relevant to a particular security with the click of a button.

Checklist Investor includes a News reader and Web Browser that allows Web Pages to be saved to your local hard disk. This feature is very useful, since news articles and press releases often disappear from the internet after a period of time.

Screen shot of a Web Page containing a press release being saved:

Press Release Screen Shot

News Reader Screen Shot:

News Reader

Screen shot of Chart From Yahoo Finance:

File Reference Screen Shot

Screen shot of Investor Conference Call Notes:

Press Release Screen Shot

Software Every Investor Needs! Only: $49.95 (US)

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